While in Lahore, due to humongous traffic a rental car seems to be the easiest way to get around the city. So the job of Galaxy Car Hire is to provide people with ease and to meet their transportation needs.

Compared to the past, Lahore has become a huge business hub. There are all kinds of national and multinational companies that are providing productive opportunities to the people. Therefore, if any customer needs to come to Lahore and rent a car, he/she can contact us. 

We have the latest models of car available for rent. For instance, our Rent a Car Toyota Corolla 2021 Model is very popular among renters. This model was recently launched and has been admired by the passengers due to its unique features.

We mainly propose two options for our clients; 

  • Self-driven Toyota corolla car in Lahore 
  • Services of a Chauffeur / Driver 

Both two come with their own perks. If you are feeling like a free spirit and want to drive the car in your own way, we give you an opportunity to do so by booking this car without the driver. 

However, if you are to attend an important event, let’s say your wedding day then select our chauffeured services. You will definitely love the VIP protocol which our chauffeurs are entitled to give every client. 

  • There will always be punctual services  
  • The rental plan is customizable 
  • We propose a friendly rental policy 

Why do you need a Toyota Corolla 2021 Model?

When you go to rent a Toyota Corolla Car, you’re not only getting comfortable seating for five, spacious compartments for accommodating stuff, enough room for all your gear but you’re also experiencing new technology, convenience, safety, and comfort. These features really are some of the best anyone can find in a car. 

For events like weddings and business meetings, this beauty engages the public in your looks and you can pose a grand entry to impress people. 

Its safety standards are also very high as compared to the rest of the models. For instance, the car is installed with 2 airbags instead of one and has a powerful exterior plus interior to make the passengers safe during the trip. 

In Lahore, more people are familiar with the Rent a Car Toyota Corolla 2021 Model and enjoy riding it since it has become a status symbol here. 

What do we offer?

Galaxy Car Hire offers several facilities to the clients some of these are; 

Better Booking Process: Our booking procedure is very simple which most people find very convenient. All the clients can come and visit our office or look for details online. 

Improved Service Quality: We never compromise on quality that is why we have more clientage than any of our competitors in Lahore. From hiring the drivers to letting in expert mechanics for regular maintenance, nothing leaves behind when it comes to duty.   

Better reachability: We believe it is all-time availability. No matter one needs a car during busy hours or at the 11th hour. We serve everyone, despite the locality and the time, people can find us very easily in Lahore.

Vehicle Overview

  1. Fuel is charged as per the client
  2. Rental duration as per the table above. Overtime charges are applicable after this duration as per hour.
  3. Payment can be made in cash(directly to the driver) or by an online transfer(prior to the start of the rental)
Passengers: 4 Iphone Charger: Yes Fully Insured: Yes
Interior: Black Leather On Board Drinks: Yes Smoking: No
DVD Player: Yes On Board Snacks: Yes Surround Sound: Yes
On Board Wifi: Yes Bag Capacity: 2 LCD Screens: Yes