Our Company

Committed to finding the best rental car for every trip, Galaxy Car Hire is working as a leading rental company in Lahore and trusted by clients. Founded almost a decade ago, we know everything about the rental car business and operate with expert professionals. To provide bespoke plans and excellent services we never compromise on the quality.  

Having an incredible reputation among customers, we manage interests through timeliness and integrity. When talking about individual needs, we believe in working hard to offer a strategic approach. 

To us, a fully maintained service is everything and we utilize years of experience and skills to obtain customer satisfaction. 

We mainly offer an extensive fleet of luxury and economical vehicles and pair these cars with high safety standards to assure the client’s security. 

All of our bespoke plans are based on individual needs and to do so we spin around requirements and clear communication. Basically, from leasing the cars online to booking over a phone call, we work hard to give you perfection. 

All of our team members strongly believe in good communication. So. when it comes to understanding a requirement Galaxy Car Hire always offers;  

  • A dedicated team including key management, chauffeurs, and customer service
  • 24/7 online and on-call assistance to book and cancel rides 
  • A reasonable price range to cut short the expenditures 
  • Accommodation and peace in a busy hour by delivering the best rental plans 

To provide exceptional services, our efforts are always amalgamated and we prioritize safety, trust, and comfort. Since we strive to introduce innovation, modernism, and professionalism our clients are always content with every service.