Our Fleet

Choose from a wide selection of vehicles ranging from luxury to classic cars, we have every type of car available to meet your needs. We also take custom orders and will help you acquire a specific car.

From Rs. 15000 Per Day

Toyota Fortuner 2020-2021 Model

From Rs. 10,000 Per Day

Honda Civic X 2021 Model

From Rs. 45,000 Per Day

Mercedes-Benz Car Rental

From Rs. 12000

Kia Sportage 2021 Model

From Rs. 7000 Per Day

Honda BRV For Rent In Lahore

From Rs. 3000 Per Day

Suzuki Wagon R For Rent In Lahore

From Rs. 6,000 Per Day

Toyota Corolla For Rent in Lahore

Easy Booking Process

The process of booking is not at all complicated when people come to us for rental cars.

Professional Drivers

We have well-trained and professional drivers, who follow traffic rules and regulations.

Big Fleet Of Vehicles

We have a wide range of fleets. You can choose any of ones that fit your needs.

Comfortable Ride

We offer modern and comfortable vehicles. You can enjoy a ride and experience smooth and comfortable service.

Best Rent A Car in Lahore

Galaxy Car Hire is a local car rental company based in Lahore. We were founded many years ago and now operate as the Best Rent A Car in Lahore. Since our foundation, the main motto of the company is to bring in the best resources and professionals to serve all the clients. The services we offer here are all exceptional and most importantly customer-oriented. 

Our service is very affordable when you consider it as a city rental. We always give; 

  • Verified licensed cars 
  • Both short and long term rental plans 
  • A reasonable but fixed price for every service 
  • Freedom of movement to our clients 
  • Experienced chauffeurs/drivers 
  • Multiple car rental options 
  • Insurance if required 

Since Galaxy Rental Car applies international standards to all the services, the clients are happy and satisfied with everything. 

Keep in mind that renting a car comes with many dynamic perks. Like when you are a visitor or going to plan a road trip with family and don’t have a personal car then going local is rather difficult. You can’t keep control over everything and enjoy it at the same time. If you are on a business trip it will be more hectic to book a ride for every meeting you are going to attend. Therefore, renting a car is the best fit when you are unaware of the routes or going for a trip on new roads. 

Why Choose Us?

Galaxy Car Hire is one of the leading rental companies in Lahore. We have the best cars for people to book. These cars range from luxury booking to in-budget rental options. All the vehicles here are in splendid condition and we keep a check on their maintenance.

As client safety is everything for us and since we are working for over a decade in Lahore, you or your guests can trust us for Luxury Rent A Car in this region.

The selection of the car depends on the choice of vehicle you select. In case you want to get around in style, reserve an exotic car, or prefer to remain within your budget. We offer diversity when it comes to such selections. This makes us unique and lets us deliver quality and modern cars to every customer.

Our cars can range from hybrids to convertibles. All the rental cars are in splendid states, which can save you stress during the trip. We can promise you the best car by meeting all the criteria you have set for it.  Our services propose a comprehensive solution to all the rental car needs by providing incredible offers to our respected clients. The cars are reasonable and enjoyable for all travelers as we gravely focus on regular maintenance.

We also offer a luxury transportation service from the airport to your hotel if you are traveling to Lahore for any reason. All our services are reasonably priced. Moreover, our company has a distinguished reputation for quality maintenance and authenticity of drivers. You can trust the man steering the car for you as we always hire people after a complete background check.  When you reserve one of our vehicles, we strive our best to give absolute style, convenience for riders, and comfort for the journey.

We are investing in full energy to keep things simple yet full of quality. There will be no delays due to time management from our side. All the drivers are local and aware of the tactics to avoid traffic by assuring safety to passengers.

Welcome to Lahore – the wealthiest and culturally richest city of Pakistan. From the famous traditional areas to exotic places there is so much to experience for tourists. Galaxy Car Hire offers the opportunity to people to arrange an easy commute in luxury cars.

If you want to embark on your journey by experiencing what Lahore has to offer, then reach us for an easy rental car service. Our company is basically popular, accessible and up to the mark. We are working for a decade in this field and our experience is what makes a difference for customers.

Luxury Experience With Rental Car In Lahore

When you book a Galaxy Car, you are not only going for the best rental car option, but you are also going for the style. We let people experience luxury travel in Lahore.

Our service quality is the highest and all the highly maintained cars are available at a reasonable price. We also offer an extensive fleet of cars to every customer.

Bespoke Rental Car Service In Lahore

All our plans are customizable. People can rent a car for the day or book for an entire week. We serve every plan that goes along with our rules. All the professionals here at Galaxy Car are ready to act on customized plans.

Expertly Managed Chauffeured Service In Lahore

We also have expert chauffeured service for customers to provide a VIP luxury experience. The chauffeurs are always dressed in appropriate attire while maintaining courteous behavior towards the passengers. Our entire purpose is focused on serving you, whether for personal or business trips.

Book Us Anywhere In Lahore

You can book us from Iqbal Town, Model Town, DHA, Cantt, Bahria, or Central Lahore. Basically, our service covers the entire Lahore. Moreover, All the cars we own are insured and are licensed by the Excise and Taxation Department that is also one of our strengths.

Rent A Car Services

With appointments and destinations, planning your next trip can be stressful if you don’t have a reliable rental car company on your board. So, Galaxy Car Hire presents an easy to book rent car service in Lahore. Either you are a resident of Lahore or are staying for a while, our easy-to-get rental options will help you on all levels.

Wedding Event Services

Wedding cars for rent in Lahore is our exceptional service for those special days of your life that you want to make memorable. Under this service, we offer car rental for bachelor parties, main wedding events, and after-parties. You can call us if you need special memorable rides to make things more colorful and luxurious.

Travel And Tours Services

Galaxy Car Hire provides the best rental services in Lahore regarding Travel and Tour purpose. Our customers who come from Islamabad, Karachi, Inner Sindh, and Gulf countries really love this convenience. We also have a huge foreign clientage.

Since we strive to provide the best quality vehicles, as needed and must be there, our customers are happy and content. Our drivers and guides are experienced with the northern regions of Pakistan as several people come to us for holidays and honeymoon packages.

We indeed have the best fleet and team to support every notion at reasonable prices. The best vacation destinations where we offer our car rental service are Naran Kaghan Sugar, Murree Nathiyagyali, Swat Kalam, Hunza Gilgit, Skardu, Kashmir, etc. Basically sit is all about you naming it and we providing it.

Airport Pick And Drop Services

Our airport car service is perfect for large groups such as families on vacation or employees traveling on business trips. Leave behind the hassle of waiting for a taxi car or paying more for your ride as we cover everything and are very reasonable as well. Renting our cars will make sure you are in good hands.

You know that there are no problems when you use this service, such as problems related to renting cars and steering after a long flight.

Executive Company Pick And Drop Services

At Galaxy Car Hire, we understand the required level of dedication, passion, and customer service for making any business a huge success. That’s why we’re at the forefront of the car rental industry. We know that the great service you deserve must be given at all costs. So, we always promise accountability, efficiency, speed, and safety.

Our fleet is equipped to meet the needs of executive transportation. We use the latest model luxury vehicles in our fleet, which represent the new standard of the automotive industry for corporate car rental services, and we are constantly changing our car selection to stay up to the mark.

All the cars we own are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi and cell phone chargers, keeping you in touch with clients and colleagues during the executive company pick and drop.

A-class Service Quality For Car Rental

We will always ensure that you arrive on time under the supervision of professional and experienced drivers. We claim to be the best company to rent a town car in Lahore due to our easy approach and fast service. Our mission is to serve all guests with bespoke plans. Get some time to browse our website and see the huge range of services we offer to all the customers. We are open for service 24/7.

Easy Rental Car Reservation In Lahore

Making a reservation with Galaxy Car Hire is very simple. Our website allows you to easily search our fleet and decide which vehicle best suits your needs. We feel proud when people find the selection easy and can get to choose from a diverse assortment of cars.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at any time or contact us by email. We fully understand the struggle for renting a car in Lahore especially during traveling to and from the Allama Iqbal International Airport. That is why we offer our town car service for convenient transfers.

You can relax in the luxurious seats of your rented car while a professional driver will set the best course for you. Enjoy an untroubled trip every time, where our people will help you with your luggage and give you a great experience.

Some of the things we never forget to provide are:

Exceptional Quality

Our main goal is to offer quality to customers when they come for a booking. As we are experienced professionals in Lahore, we know how to handle such things and satisfy clients with exceptionality. From a wide range of cars to expert drivers, when people come to us for rental cars their anticipations are fulfilled.

Modern and Comfortable Vehicles

Galaxy Car Hire is offering modern and comfortable vehicles in Lahore. With a simple search on the internet, you can visit our webpage and ask about any of the cars in our fleet. We have both super luxury and mid-range cars, however, the one thing we offer in any kind of vehicle is comfort.

An Extensive Fleet

Planning a journey is now very easy as we offer an extensive fleet to clients. You can select the car of your choice anytime and anywhere in Lahore. All our existing and new customers get the benefits of a full range of cars with a simple booking process.

Reasonable Price

The prices for the cars range from mid to high depending upon the selection. If you select Luxury Rent A Car, the price fluctuates accordingly and since we never charge a single extra rupee, you will get the best out of your expenditures.

Outstanding Customer Care Service

We strongly believe in clear communication thus we maintain it through outstanding customer care services. When you come to us to book a car in your budget our friendly staff will get all the details from you and put forth the best vehicle you need. Our customers can also ask about anything by sending in their queries.

24/7 Availability

This ability makes us stand differently when comparing to our competitors in this region. We make sure all the people coming to us get what they want despite the time and place. Galaxy Car Hire is available 24 hours throughout the week with no off days so people can book any ride they want anytime in Lahore.

Easy Booking Process

The process of booking is not at all complicated when people come to us for rental cars. We provide almost all kinds of cars at very cheap rates. You can either ask for Rent A Car in Lahore with a Driver or without.

The selection is entirely up to the choice of people and we provide everything in our given range of services through a simple booking. You can call us or visit our website for more details. Just get to us, ask for your desired car and book the service you are looking for.


I can always count on Chauffeur to get me to work on time and absolute luxurious comfort, nothing compares to the experience I’ve had travelling with you guys, I’ll be recommending you to all my friends

Maaz Ali - Luxury SUV

Me and my friends had a great driving around town and being treated fantastically by the driver, many thanks! The complimentary flowers were also a great touch!

Mohsin Pirzada - SUV Limo

Fast and professional are the best words to best describe the Chauffeur team, they got me to my business meeting on time and in style, really looking forward to next time I travel with you guys!

Noman Amjad - SUV

About Us

Committed to finding the best rental car for every trip, Galaxy Car Hire is working as a leading rental company in Lahore and trusted by clients.

Founded almost a decade ago, we know everything about the rental car business and operate with expert professionals. To provide bespoke plans and excellent services we never compromise on the quality.

Having an incredible reputation among customers, we manage interests through timeliness and integrity. When talking about individual needs, we believe in working hard to offer a strategic approach.

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